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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 14, 2012 6:00am-8:00am EDT

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new, this morning, man down. derek jeter, one of the biggest names in baseball out for the season. >> and endeavor delays, the new arrival time as it slowly makes it's way through the streets of l.a. >> it's taking forever. >> it is. it is sunday, october 14th, 2012, starting off our sunday morning, stepping outside, it's a little brisk out there. >> but you know, i think the warm up has started because it's not as cold as yesterday
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morning. >> it was nice yesterday. you're both right. you think i don't give you credit where credit is due, but you're both right on the money. it's a lot milder than yesterday morning, but there is a hint of a breeze out there. even though temperatures this morning are some 15 degrees on average warmer, still without the sun up, there is a little chill first thing this morning. you may want a little windbreaker on your way this morning. the floodgates of warm, moist air is open, and a breezy and middle day today. mid70s for most, and i don't think we need to worry too much about rain drops on your sunday. that will not be the case for tomorrow. tomorrow the clouds and rain chances will be back. rain on monday doesn't bother us at all, right? >> yeah, right.
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>> better than rain on sunday. >> that's true. >> endeavor was supposed to arrive late last night, but that didn't happen. it's still lowly making it's way through the streets of los angeles. it's now expected to arrive at about 9:00, in three hours, looks like the delay isn't enough. stephanie stanton has more. >> thousands of exciting fans lined the streets for day two of the spaceshuttles slow crawl through the streets of l.a. >> at top speeds of 2 miles per hour, officials navigated the shuttle through the city, carefully avoids streets, street signs, and even buildings. >> why did you want to see it?
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>> because it looks big, cool. >> huge, really huge, it's cool because it was in space. >> they face one of their myself difficult endeavors yet. the shuttle made it's first stop for a special ceremony. >> endeavor is a view national treasure, and i'm extremely pleased to welcome it here to this home. >> after the delay and challenges, fans were treated to a special musical performance. it's new home will be the california science center, where officials hope it will inspire future generations of astronauts. and naval officials are trying to figure out how two ships collided. a navy submarine hit another
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ship yesterday afternoon during routine operations. both ships are based in norfolk. both ships are operating on their own power. >> two women are recovering this morning after an apartment fire. it started last night around 5. firefighters say the fire started in the kitchen. both women went to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation. fighter jets went into action last night as two small planes went into no fly zones. the area was restricted because air force one had just landed. both planes were escorted out of the area and continued on their flight paths. >> both president obama and mitt romney are preparing for tuesday's debate and campaigning
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in swing states. the president is in williamsburg, virginia, and it planning on staying there until the debate. john kerry is once again playing the role of romney, and romney is traveling all over ohio while prepping for the debate. it will be a town hall style. the latest poll numbers may be close, but president obama's campaign has one major thing to celebrate. total fund raising has been more than $181 million. the republicans have not released their september fundraising numbers. >> if you have not registered to vote yet, time is running out. the deadline for maryland and west virginia voters is tuesday, while the mail in deadline for
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registration passed last week. they can still regular strer this friday at any brie brar, fire house, or online. special interest groups in maryland are spending big bucks. supporters for and against question seven that would pay for a casey know have spent more than 47 million. that's on pace to exceed their spending. there's also been big spending for question six. groups supporting and opposing that law have spent more than $4 million in an effort to sway voters. >> major ramp and lane closures this weekend. the interloop exit rampl toiz i
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izeen -- ramp to eisenhower is closed. and crews continue to do track work this weekend. prepare for delays on the red line. trains will share the track on the green line, everything should be back to normal by tomorrow morning. >> the redskins look to get back on track, and rg3 looks to get back on track. they have the minnesota vikings at fedex field today. they hope to have robert griffin iii on the field today who had a concussion last week. kickoff is at 4:30, we'll have all of the highlights at 11:00. >> the time right now details on an expanded peanut recall after a outbreak.
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>> we're in for a big warm up today, but we have more changes on the way too. >> and a late night game ends with a bad break for the
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take away his toys and he'll play with a stick. take away their bikes and they'll still find a way to get where they're going. but if take you away early childhood education... slash k-12 funding... and cut college aid for middle class families ... they won't go far. yet that's exactly what mitt romney wants to do... pay for a $250,000 tax break for multi-millionaires. if mitt romney wins, the middle class loses.
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priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. under the president's policies, middle income americans have been buried. they're just being crushed. middle-income americans have seen their income come down by $4,300. this is a tax in and of itself. i'll call it the economy tax. i'm not going to raise taxes on anyone. my plan is to bring down rates to get more people working. my priority is putting people back to work in america.
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i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. welcome back, everybody, somebody is really anxious to give you the weather. that commercial break lasted way too long. >> i'm always anxious because i enjoy bringing people good news. >> we hardly ever bring good news around here. >> we can control that just a little in the weather. it's the way ewe paint the day. it's not becoming increasingly cloud but, it will be nice and
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warm and the clouds will not matter. a nice wind will make it feel warm today. at least ten degrees warmer than yesterday afternoon. many spots might even be 15 or more degrees warmer than yesterday. and that is good news no matter how you slice it. really not a very active morning this morning. winds are southwest, and that speed will increase as we go through the day today. good kite flying weather if you're not going to the redskins game or watching it or some of the other great things to do around time. temperatures upper 50s, a far cry from your sub freezing
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starts. so rain chances for now are primarily well off to our north, and they're moving away from us. there is a very large cyclone out here across the midwest and a severe weather threat from cincinnati to nashville. so watch out for a chance of severe weather, and that threat will be just down to our south tomorrow, and there may be an opportunity for one or two thunderstorms here tomorrow afternoon. look at how mild it is, columbus, ohio, predawn temperature, 65 degrees. the flood gates are open here as the warm and humid air comes rushing in here. it will be even more mild tomorrow. we're stopped we're at 12:30. between noon and sun down tomorrow is the best chance of
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seeing any thunderstorms around here. most of us will have rain showers, but there will be a chance for a rumble or two of thunder. so increasing clouds, but breezy and mild. temperatures well into the 70s today. a mild night tonight, and for tomorrow, cloudy and warm again, showers likely, you could see rain drops as early as the morning commute. most of us will wait until late morning or lunchtime. it's a fast mover, and we should be dry by wednesday and thursday, and another big storm coming up possibly by friday and saturday, but we don't need to worry about that yet. >> we're focused on this weekend right now. >> that's right, we have to get past today and a redskins win. >> we have to break that streak. that losing streak at home.
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all right, next up is reporter's notebook, a look at stories affecting our community. >> we'll be back in 15 minutes. good morning, welcome to "reporters notebook." money keeps pouring in with maryland's gambling campaign. question seven is now the most expensive ballot measure ever in the state outpacing the 2006 governor's race. they spent $34 million against each other. this is mind blowing money, who is winning? >> we don't know yet. the odds are uncertain, but it's no surprise, the flood gates are open, the inclination of people to find, raise, and spend so
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much money this year. if they get this, they promise revenue and jobs, but if they lose, it's a big loss. they have the redskins in the game. this is a big deal and the money is just going to keep coming until election day. >> it's a big deal because there's a lot of money at stake, we're talking about millions of dollars in revenue and plus we're here about these various reports now showing and saying that some of this money will help the school, the schools, and then you have reports that say but you know a lot of people who i have seen through sound bites i the news say they don't believe the money will trickle down. but there's a lot of money at
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stake, and -- >> well the reason there's a lot of money involved is both sized have keep pockets on both sides. because you have the interest in west virginia and other states. so you have two financial giants going at each other. >> is it confusing voters? >> no, it doesn't really chair if i the issue. from what i'm picking up in my reporting, some people are still confused. all of the money and advertising turns people off and they don't
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pay attention to the issues. >> it also comes down to what people want to do. people that want to gamble will support question seven. a lot of people have a moral interest here, and that's the persons that represent the churches, and different nonprofit groups that feel that gambling is detrimental to poor people in the community. so here we have a personal interest by individuals who feel they want to gamble or they don't. >> i would take the amount of money that's been spent, and divide it among the number of people in the country, let alone the number of people voting. and the other thing i would take into consideration, wouldn't it be better contributing or donating to the schools that need help? but the bottom line is that the ads will keep coming and get
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stronger and stronger. i think that's all they're trying to do. it's a question of whose message will ring the loudest. >> let's talk about question four. this is maryland's dream act. would it help or hurt the state's economy in the long run? many believe that in state tax breaks would cost the state too much money, but a study says the long-term benefits would outweight the costs. this study is saying the social costs would decrease, less and lower incarceration rates, tax revenue would increase with more students getting jobs and contributing to the economy. but others say this is all based on assumptions. assuming that become legal and make more money -- >> this is a classic argument
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going on. the opponents advance those articles, but they say we have rules and laws, if you didn't get in the country pop properly, you have to pay a price. we would like to help them, but they did not come legally. that seems to trump everything. as far as these people making a mark, as it is argued. becoming good citizens, and they weren't here, that doesn't seem to convince them. >> but there is a pool of talent here, when you look at it from the grass root base. that could be tapped and help us in many ways. many of them that come out of high school are good students. they need help, and this is the whole point. >> and it's not just those who, in the past, but you have a future generation coming, but your point is it's all built on speculation. first you have to hope that
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maryland's economy is improving. because this is what is really causing the tension. when there is high unemployment, there is a lot of scapegoating going on. but look at the figures. $3.6 million for each class each year, and that's nothing compared to if they get meaningful jobs and pay taxes, they will pay it back. it boils down to how people feel at the tile, and where will employment be? where will maryland be when it comes to economic stability. >> and of course only time will tell that. >> that's exactly right. >> absolutely right, we just don't know. >> that's why they call it the dream act. >> in virginia, governor mcdonald is calling on the president to stop automatic tax cuts. the request was made on mind.
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he said that it could cost $21 billion -- why did he send the letter -- why didn't he send the letter before now or pick up the phone and calm the president -- >> i was going to -- >> it's easier, his political critics say to raise an issue, send a letter, get as much political value as he can, and then try to put it on president obama. both sides are doing this, nobody wants to move. cutting entitlements at the same time to save the day. it's something that both sides find very unpleasant. so they trade letters, and insults, and back and forth, and meanwhile january the 1st gets closer and closer. but the tax cuts expiring, and
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draconian cuts, is designed to make people do something. up until now we basically had the governor ending a letter and people on the democrat side doing the same thing. >> my thinking is it's not just the president and the governor, it's also former governor kaine, look at his ads, i work with both presidents, i can work with any president. he's probably going to say if you're so friendly with the president, tell him to answer my letter. this is politics at it's best, that's all it is, political, and he no more expects an answer to this before the election than a man on the moon. >> it's just politics.
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welcome back, former dc council chair brown now has a curfew. a u.s. district judge also says he has to check in personally with a week. this happened because he failed to check in by phone. it will now stay in place until he is sentenced in november. he pleaded guilty to forging bank documents. sources close to brown say that he's in denial, and say that he feels he's being treated unfairly. >> unfairly or not, the court ordered you to do something, and when you don't do that, you're being held against the court rule. so regardless of what he thinks, whether he thinks he's in denial or not, the judge got tight on him because braun has been a bad
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boy. >> you know, the older people have a saying, at least my grandfather used to have a saying that some people don't believe that fat meet is greasy. >> your grandfather said that? >> somebody old enough to be my grandfather, but that's the problem. the courts are not playing. he was only asked to call in once a week, so you can use a land lie, an iphone, a cell phone and the judge said fine, you don't want to call, then you have to come in, and instead of waiting to sentence you, we'll just send you to jail immediately. i don't know if he is denial or what, but this is stupid. it does not bode well for him.
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my reporting indicates that people that care about keeping him involves, those not under a cloud, or those awaiting the word of those under the cloud, the fact is if the dc council is not in good shape today because of what he did, according to the court -- the justice of the court, and this is not a time to be in denial. it's a time to take your punishment and move on. >> the battle over dc taxi service heats up. it could be able to charge whatever it wants for dc fairs. they say they should be able to operate without being controlled by the taxi commission. >> critics say, let's see now,
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i'm a cabby, but maybe i can charge more money and say that i'm not a cabby, that i'm just out there to pick up people. maybe i won't have to be regulated like the cab, i'm sure that's their argument, and thoo is something that jack evans and uber will have to respond to. >> who is going to hold them accountable on some things that cabs aren't held accountable -- we went through a lot of legislation on taxi cabs, and people want to free will their way through using transportation. i think they have to come under the same rules. >> this is a city of limousines, limousines don't come under the same rules as the taxy commission. i find this a rather interesting operation they have. yes it's a little more expensive, but the convenience
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is that, you know they pick you up, you're in a comfortable sedan, if people want to pay extra for that, more power to them. >> i think -- >> taxi drivers ought to clean their cabs up. >> i still think there should be a rule and regulation. >> the only other different -- i have no position on this, the yes is yeah, there are limousine, and are they a limousine or a cab? >> sounds more like a limousine. >> it is, and if they're not busy, you get to pay for a limousine service and you get a little discount for it. >> but accountability is the one thing i'm pushing for here. >> are they cruising around waiting for people. >> so if they act like a limousine, they're a limousine, if they act like a cab, they're a cab.
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>> and they're not always available. >> accountability is important in public service. >> thank you, and thank you for being with us. stay with us, news 4 today continues. good morning and welcome to news 4 today, i'm angie goff. >> i'm richard jordan, let's get started with a check of the forecast. i think you will like what chuck bell has to say. >> good morning, 6:31 almost on your sunday morning now. skies are mostly clear to partly cloudy, a much milder start today, winchester, virginia is more than 20 degrees warmer now than it was at the same time
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yesterday. even in washington, ten warmer now than at this time yesterday. if you're traveling today towards new york city or post, the rain is waiting for you there, and if you're changing plans in chicago, kansas city, memphis, or st. louis, you may have storms to worry about. as a result, your sunday looks great. mild and breezy today. there will be an increase in cloud cover today, buthat will not deter the warm up. plenty of wind around as well. as we always like to say, a great day for kite flying. >> the death poll grows after a deadly car bombs in pakistan. a car exploded near a militia that fights the tall ban. no one claims responsibility for the attack.
6:32 am
taliban militants have been blamed for attacks in the area. meanwhile, a 14-year-old girl shot by a taliban gunman last week continues to recover. she's been upgraded to stable and she can move her arms and togs, but it will be a long road recovery. the education advocate was shot in the neck in pakistan. >> and a brand new war memorial that was donated yesterday on the south lawn of the louden county courthouse. it features the name of four residents that were killed in iraq and afghanistan, and there's room for more names to be added if necessary. the money was donated anonymously. >> and police are on the hunt for whoever shot and killed a man at a party. police say the shooting happened
6:33 am
outside of a house party in the 7,000 block of outing avenue. he shot and killed a man, injured another, and then took off. a fight at a youth football game in pittsburgh ended in gunfire. this was in pittsburgh as the six6 and 7-year-olds were playing on the field. people there say it was a chaotic scene. >> i heard a lot of commotion and noise, but i had no idea what noise was, because i didn't think for any reason that it was a gun, and then i saw people running. >> the people wounded were all innocent bystanders. the shooting may have resulted from an altercation between two groups of teens.
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>> more than 1,000 people gathered to remember a colorado girl that was found dead after vanishing while walking to school. hundreds came out despite rain and cold to release balloons and hold a candlelight vigil. her body was found friday, a week after she disappeared. the search continues for her killer. >> the new mexico food company that produced peanut butter is now recalling all of it's peanut products. they found more cases in raw peanuts at the processing plant. so they expanded it to raw, roasted, and shelled. they first recalled peanut butter sold at trader joes.
6:35 am
>> a community effort -- this is happening in dc's adam morgan neighborod. volunteers painted, landskaped, and repaired eight apartment buildings in the jubilee housing complex. the goal of the event is to speed up much needed repairs to the community. >> i can only imagine that a lot of people are working very hard and to be able to come home and have something to put a smile on your face means a lot. >> southeast dc is set to under go major changes to revitalize that area. it will be transformed into a new gateway pavilion that has farmer's markets, casual dining, and other casual events. it's part of a larger
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redevelopment that will be retail space in 2015. >> we're going to get the opinion of david gregory next. also ahead, bad news from the bronx after derek jeter takes a fall. >> and fearless
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three days is all that's left. let's meet david gregory.
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it's been a few days since the vice presidential candidates faced off, has it made an impact on the race so far? >> we'll have to wait and see, i think it will be overtaken by the presidential faceoff on tuesday. it was another high profile affair and a chance for the obama team to slow that romney -- slow his momentum. the slide has been the other way around. romney made up a lot of ground. so, biden accomplished what he wanted to, he dominated the debate. some of that was negative, but i think we came out there and had control which is what they were looking for. >> the vice president seemed a little aggressive, and some people say they would like to see the president take that approach? >> the styles are too different, i don't think you can see that. the president doesn't want to
6:41 am
constantly interrupt romney. the format is different here, you have a town hall. you will be interacting with the people in the room, it's not the mano y mano affair. those who are out there watching this. so that will be different. i think you will see a more aggressive president that will seek to cast romney as somebody saying anything it takes to close the deal. and really paint him as an alternative that's really not qualified to take over. >> after the vice presidential debate, the romney camp jumped on bidens assertion that we were told in the call for more security forces in libya, and we saw the administration try to explain that, do you think it will come up on tuesday.
6:42 am
>> for a couple of reasons of all the explanations, it's been sloppily handled. that always leads to, you know, a lot of questions. charges of cover up or mishandling, and a foreign policy mistake. this is still an attack that our ambassador. who is behind it, was there security? and i think there is also an opening here that i think the romney team wants to exploit. so it's becoming tougher for them to ride on exclusively. >> and since foreign plols be basically the topic of the debate coming up next week, also afghanistan, that also came up in the vice presidential debate. did you think that will come up again? >> i just don't think there is a
6:43 am
tremendous amount of difference between the candidates on afghanistan. the idea of setting a firm deadline, thinking they can wait it out, i don't think republicans want to try to make the folks of the debate so that we'll stay in afghanistan longer, i don't think that's the issue. foreign policy being the final debate, this town hall will be a mix of all of these topics. >> what's coming up on the show, talking about the fiscal cliff, and the economy. we'll do that with our round table, and the we have stephen colbert. we talk to him in and out of character which you don't often see, but his insights are both funny, and satire is his game, and he is a lot of fun. >> do you into the serious side
6:44 am
autoall? >> what outcome of the election might mean, and what he tries to do with the program, both what he and jon stewart do. it's just a very interesting take, because this is a very influential figure right now in politic discourse. >> you guys go way back. you have had fun together. >> yeah, test great, it's fun to know him. >> let's check in with chuck. s if going to be a great day, and it's going to be a great show. i'm looking forward to seeing the
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a sky diver a tempting to
6:48 am
break the sound barrier plans to make his dive this morning. twice now he has been forced to postpone his jump from 23 miles above the grown because of high winds. but this time, forecasters believe the weather will cooperate. he is trying to break a record set back in the 1960. and that was shocking to me, i thought by now, somebody would have set another record. >> well when you have to jump from a balloon 23 miles up, the list is slim. >> wind was their problem there, and we had a breeze here, but not so bad. >> we'll have to check that because commercial aircraft fly at only like 7 miles up. scarey stuff. he is braver than me. outside for now, what a mild way
6:49 am
to get your sunday morning started as you see here from our city camera view, we're starting to pick up cloud cover and that will continue through the remainder of your sunday. fear not, these will not be rain making clouds on your sunday. these will be the leading edge of the weather change coming in and arrives during the course of the day today. a busy weather day today. the busiest weather day of the whole week will be tomorrow. be ready for that. likely to be dry tomorrow, but that may not be the case on your way home. 52 in washington. 46 in ashburn this morning. all the way down towards silver spring, the redskins taking on the vikings today, adrian pet peterson.
6:50 am
temperatures upper 60s and lower 70s, there is the radar, devoid of precipitation in our area. that is an indication of how energized this big storm system is. a lot of college footballs games in the middle of the country had high winds to deal with. the severe threat is in kentucky, tennessee, and alabama. i don't think we have much of a threat for veer weather here in the metro dc area, but i can't rule out a couple of storms. so breezy and much, much, much warmer and more humid air on it's way in today on that south wind. then for tomorrow, i think dry first thing in the morning. we could have sprinkles along
6:51 am
i-80. then things start to clear out very, very quickly, and we'll have the sunshine back from tuesday on through thursday. breezy, mild today back into it we go. a 15 degree warm up compared to yesterday. tomorrow, clouds for everybody, showers likely with the risk of a thunderstorm as well especially central virginia into far southern massachusetts. not looking for a big severe weather. nice and quiet through the rest of the week, and a storm collar so the one tomorrow may be coming in on the saturday timeframe. for now, let's just wor i about monday. >> we can do that. thanks, chuck.
6:52 am
right now, endeavour continues to slowly make it's way through the streets of los angeles. it has been a tight squeeze in some places. it's come within inches of trees, wires, and buildings. it should arrive at the california science museum sometime today. the new york yankees will have to play the rest of the playoffs without their captain. derek jeter fractured his ankle last night. he was trying to make a play on a ground ball when he landed awkwardly. the tigers take a 1-0 lead in the american league. they're right back at it today for game two. >> initially when he went down,
6:53 am
it didn't seem like anything. >> yeah, it's just too bad. maryland and virginia in a border battle, and the hoakies make a come back. sdl good sunday morning, i'm carol maloney, we begin with college football. maryland visiting virginia, the terps get a big boost by stephan digs. maryland wins and improves to 4-2. >> and virginia tech hosting duke after trailing 20-0. they score 41 unanswered points capped off by this 86-yard
6:54 am
touchdown run. he rushes for 183 yards. hoakies improve to 4-3 on the system, and all eyes on robert griffin iii today after suffering a concussion last week. he there have to be cleared by doctors one more time. he playing on playing the same aggressive style of football but will keep his safety in mind. >> i'm a tough guy, i kept that promise, and i don't have anything to prove. it's about getting the yards, and live to play another down. >> redskins and vikings kick off at 4:15 this afternoon. the nationals disappointing finish hit one fan especially hard. he was alive the last time they had a series.
6:55 am
he attened the 19246 world series when the senators defeated the giants. he says he really likes the nationals squad and really believes they have what it takes to win next year's world series. >> without getting rid of that talent. i know it's expensive, but the talent is made up over the five years of good players. >> he said he's going to turn 100 next month. he was set to throw out the first pitch at one of the nats home games if they advanced to the national league. >> today is a your honorny for walkers walking to find a cure for breast cancer. hundreds stepped up early friday morning near the capital. they're walking 60 miles in
6:56 am
three days to help find a cure for one of the biggest killers of women. >> more needs to be done. the more we do we get the information out to women. we want po to spread it. >> washington is just one of the areas hosting one of these walks. anyone who has tried to solve a rubix cube knows it's not a simple task. now today 300 people will make it look incredibly easy. today is the third day for the championships. they will even try to solve it blind folded. last year's checkup has an average involving time of 8.65 seconds. >> that cube single handedly
6:57 am
almost ruined my middle school years. >> for me it was like golf, i tried it, it was so frustrating, and i just quit. i always think of e.t., it's very nostalgic for me, i thought they were doing that video in fast forward. >> if they can do it blind folded -- >> pretty incredible.
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good morning and welcome too news 4 today. i'm angie goff. >> i'm richard jordan, let's talk about the warm up. >> yes, you probably noticed there were places that were 28 and 29 degrees and today they're 48 and 49. if you waited until today to do your long run for the week, decision well made. clouds will continue to be on the increase here over the next couple hours, but it's a middle start.
7:01 am
52 here in washington. we're in a rain-free environment today. rain showers are on their way for tomorrow. so enjoy your mild, breezy, increasingly cloudy sunday. go skins, make the most of it today. >> here is a look at some of our top stories we're following. >> space shuttle endeavor was supposed to arrive at the museum last night but that didn't happen. after a series of delays, it's now expected to arrive in about two hours at the earliest. >> the redskins look to get back to 500. robert griffin iii is set to return from a concussion. he must pass some game-day tests norm to play. >> and the yankees will play the rest of the playoffs without
7:02 am
derek jeter. he programtured hfractured his . good morning, welcome to "viewpoint." voters are energized over questions on the ballot november 6th. one we have been hearing a lot about is question 7. here to talk about that and other important issues is the county executive. >> thank you for having me. on two fronts, really, on jobs and education, but let's start with jobs. what this does, essentially, is authorize a new casino in prince george's county and would permit table games.
7:03 am
>> for us, it's great for job promotion. it will authorize table games throughout the rest of the state in the oh five sites, and that means you will increase the number of jobs to somewhere around 12,000 jobs, and in prince georges county, 6,000 jobs. and one of the things i said we would do is make sure we increase jobs and revenues comes in. >> we're talking about 2,000 construction jobs? >> yes, and about 4,000 permanent jobs in related facilities. >> many of them are union jobs? >> yes, many will be union jobs. the other thing to remember is we're not just talking about a casino or slots place, we're talking about a resort.
7:04 am
a high-end facility with not only the table games, slots, but restaurants, shopping, high-end entertainment. those are the type of things that will make this is a destination resort. that's going to spur the type of jobs that we need in the county. >> and the location, national harbor safe to say? >> i think it's the best location on the east coast. it gives us the greatest opportunity to increase the number of jobs and revenues coming into the county and the state. i think there is no finer location and i think everyone agrees with that. a lot of people are wondering are these prince george county residents, or are they special subsets that they bring in from the outside? >> part of the interesting thing that we worked out with the general assembly, and with the
7:05 am
peterson company, is we want to make sure there is training a long with the jobs. but we're going to work with the community colleges to train our residents for these high-paying jobs. >> what do you say to your twenties that have a moral dilemma because of addiction and worries about crime -- what do you tell them? perhaps as high as 9% are undecided on the issue. >> because maryland already passed a gaming bill, it's currently legal to gamble in maryland, five sights, and people from prince georges
7:06 am
travel, and the problems come back here without the revenue to deal with it. so we want a good enough sight that we can target some of the very real problems out there. right now we have the problems but no resources to deal with them. >> how will this help in terms of education, crime, health, environmental concerns too? >> this will give us the ability to put additional resources into our education. right now, they're looking at increasing teacher salaries, increasing pay for public safety officials. we want to do the same to be competitive. we're looking at an additional $40 to $60 million that will come in and help us expand our police department, expand our fire department, and help us give raises to teachers and school officials. very important for us.
7:07 am
>> we have seen the commercials on both sides, and some of the opponents argue there is nothing in the law that requires the state to spend more on education than it would otherwise. >> you know, i served eight years and four of them on appropriation. this money is designated to the education trust fund. it will go there and split across the state enjurisdiction. in prince george's we're going to designate extra money. so i always find that interesting. also that the people are saying this money won't go toward education, but they encourage you to go to your sites, so our money can help them and their education efforts. >> have to take a break now, but you mention in west virginia,
7:08 am
more than a billion dollars over the past decade left maryland for west virginia. >> that is absolutely correct, and the driving opponent of this is not on moral issues, it's on the economy. the fact that these people, you know, have sights in other places an they want to see the revenues continue to go over there. we're not mad at them for doing that, but we want to make sure we have an equal chance here in the state.
7:09 am
take away his toys and he'll play with a stick. take away their bikes and they'll still find a way to get where they're going. but if take you away early childhood education... slash k-12 funding... and cut college aid for middle class families ... they won't go far. yet that's exactly what mitt romney wants to do... pay for a $250,000 tax break for multi-millionaires. if mitt romney wins, the middle class loses. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
7:10 am
and we're back on "viewpoints." mr. baker, how confident are you that your twenties in prince george's county will support question seven? >> we're going to work hard, this is a very close race. the other side is spending a lot of money to convince us we
7:11 am
should not spend our money here, but i think we will prevail. i think once people hear the message that this is an additional $40 to $60 million, it will create around 6,000 jobs for brins george's county redents. i think once that message is out there, i think people will respond positively. >> if it succeeds statewide, but not in prince george's county, what happens? >> staidwide, they will have table gaming at the exciting sites. at prince george's county. we need the residents to come out and support in in overwhelming numbers. that site is where we get the
7:12 am
$40 to $60 million. so we need people in prince george's to come out, help us create those jobs, help us get the revenues here -- that's why i'm fighting to hard. i want to make sure we have jobs and opportunities right here in the county. >> and you say it's all about economics, so go over the revenues, where is it coming from? >> it comes from this? the revenues come from the table games and the slots. that right there, that pot is split throughout the state. so the state gets around $200 million with the table games. $40 to $60 million is the local share. that's the portion we can take and put into education, health care, economic development, public safety folks and the raises we need to keep good quality people in public safety. that's the money that helps us grow prince george's county.
7:13 am
and that's what's vitally important, especially with our revenues being flat in the county. from question seven to question five now congressional redistricting. >> you know, for prince george's county, it's a good thing for us. i mean, the congressional district puts more of our congresswoman in prince george's county, and as we're going after federal colorfuls, -- >> i think it's important for us, and something that we complained about. it's a voice for congressman edwards, and we like the
7:14 am
congressional map. i supported and testified in favor of it, and i support the governor on it. >> does it make for long term lop sided districts and some gridlock? >> not for us, if you remember, there was a big battle in prince george's county, and it was located in montgomery county. so our congressional delegation was somewhat conflicted on that with this new map, it's clear that we have somebody that will be able to advocate not only for us, and we feel very confident that this is going to give us a greater voice on capitol hill. >> are people as knowledgeable as you would like them to be?
7:15 am
>> congressional map social security a bit more nuanced. we also get questioned about the dream act, another issue they support, and i think it's good for the county as we talk about going to college and opportunities. so we're getting there and hoping that the democratic party are educating people on what issues are.
7:16 am
i'm angie goff, here are some of our stories for today. the redskins take on the vikings at fedex field. robert griffin iii is set to return from a concussion.
7:17 am
he must pass some game-day tests in order to play. the company that recalled peanut butter sold at trader joes is recalling more due to a salmonella outbreak. they found contaminated products at sunland processing center. and if you have not registered to vote yet, time is running out. virginia voters have to register by tomorrow. the deadline for maryland and west virginia voters passed. welcome back to "viewpoint." we have mr. baker as our guest, you don't see any tough opposition to the dream act, do you? >> no, and people are seeing how important this act is to the education of our children.
7:18 am
these are our children, going through our high schools, and there are a number of a steps to make sure they're productive citizens. i think that message is getting out there, so i commend the governor for his leadership on this issue. >> another big state eyed initiative is same sex marriage, where do you come down to that? >> i know this is a personal mission. i asked people to make sure they take into consideration the constitutional rights of individuals, but also to look in their soul and make a discussion. so i have giving that to the delegation and the citizens to make their own mind up. >> it's very difficult in your county to come out on that issue. that's where a lot of the opposition is coming from. >> yeah, i think so. i think people feel very
7:19 am
strongly on the issue, and it's personal. it's a personal issue for me and for my following. this is the same way, but much like any personal issue, you have to look at what are the overall implications. the one thing i will say, and i compliment the governor on this, the bill will not require anything of the faith committee, and i think that was a big contribution -- >> i said to folks, you know they asked me, i said i told the delegation, i will let them make up their empty minds -- >> where do you think your county will come down on this. >> i think it's very close.
7:20 am
if you look at the recent numbers that came out. i think you're starting to see the numbers that are very close, and i think it's going to like question seven, a very close one, but i think the numbers are shifting in favor of someone for marriage equality. >> do you think turnout will be through the roof? >> i think it is, for a couple of things. you have all of these initiatives. it's important to maryland and important to the nation. i think you will see a big turnout there. and i think there are very important things, and it's my job to educate people on these critical issues. >> you have a new 311 service, how will this streamline things?
7:21 am
>> we're really excited. this is a new initiative that we will not only help more be transparent, but respond quicker. so if you call in about a pothole, or any situation, there's one number you have to call, 311. you don't have to go to the department of public works or anything like that. a live person answering the phone from seven to seven. and we have county click. you can go online and tell us what's going on there, or go from your iphone as my children tell me. so this is great, and what it means for sus that we c-- us. and i can track how our government is doing, so it's terrific, and i'm excited about it. >> i like that, iphone and a
7:22 am
real person too, imagine that, old school and new technology. we have more to get to when we come back. [ female announcer ] it's one of the hardest decisions a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cost of nursing home care. we have a president who won't let that happen. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approved this message.
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7:24 am
welcome back to "viewpoint." crime at an all-time low in prince george's county. you say you're almost afraid to talk about it, but the numbers are certainly encouraging. >> yes. the chief and his entire staff that protect us, we're at a all time low. and we're almost at a 40% low of crime has it was last year. so we're excited about what we're doing. we're going to keep the progress going. we're using all forms of the government to help do this, so i think our transforming neighbors
7:25 am
initiative is playing right into this, and it's helping us to reduce crime, so we're excited. >> what is behind it, you're talking about across the board essentially. >> it's the way we're doing policing now. we're not just reacting to crime. we're being proactive, and that's bringing in health care, working with our schools, states attorney, sheriff's department, to be proactive about getting those problems before somebody comm commits a crime. it's having a very topnotch police force and that's what we have in the county. so we're excited about the work they're doing. >> a new station coming along. we promised the citizens where it's just growing that we would have a station so they could
7:26 am
respond quicker to the issues. so we have that station coming online, as i was saying during the brink, our ceo, i said are you going to leave anything for us to run on? because we're doing a lot. that's great, let's go to schools now. the school board fired two high ranking officials. chief of legal council, chief of legal services. here we rejust starting the school year. >> what i tell parents, and my daughter just graduated from this is that your school system is working and the county and the school board will work together and find topnotch people for those positions and we'll get a great permanent superintendent in here. we're going to work hand in
7:27 am
hand. and our test scores are showing that we're making something. and one of the things we want to help them do is continue that. so i asked my senior staff to work with the school system to make sure that where ever they need help, we can assist them. i would like to go back to gambling and question seven, should prince george county voters support this, when he will we see the jobs come online? >> when it passes, and i believe it will, 2016 we'll have a facility up and running. the construction faze will begin around that point, we'll have construction jobs come on, we'll start training immediately, working with community college to start training our folks in
7:28 am
these fields and looking at the opportunities that gaming and having a destination resort will create. but the buzz will start people wanting to come to the county in temperatures of businesses already. >> i just want to make it clear. if prince george's county voters don't approve this, this is it. >> this is it if you don't approve the sight. and the state of maryland made it very clear they're not going to expand. and it would be a shame because once again, this means jobs, potentially $40 to $60 million in revenue coming into the county, and creation of good high-paying jobs. >> you're at the halfway point for your job, what are your plans and what do you think of the first two. >> it's been exciting and i look
7:29 am
at what we accomplished, a brand new hospital coming online. a potential for a high-end destination resort. 311, county click, we have an agreement with the hospital where we're going to have mobile vans going around to provide health care and dental care. >> you have some despiting times ahead of you. that will do it for us on this sunday morning, now back to news 4 today. enjoy the rest of your weekend, everybody. and now, from washington's leading news station, this is news 4 today. >> good morning, everyone, welcome to news 4 today.
7:30 am
i'm angie goff. >> i'm richard jordan. two big headlines, first a delay for endeavor. >> also ahead, a bad break for the yankees, not only did they lose, they lost their team captain derek jeter. now your forecast. good morning, everybody. what a gorgeous early morning sunrise we have right now over the heart of the nation's capital right here. this is looking down from the tower, and that is the view of the city camera looking north. what a wonderful goldenlow to your early morning skies. temperatures now between 10 and 20 degrees or more warmer than at the same time yesterday. 52 at the airport, temperatures
7:31 am
in t40s and 50s. the story we're waiting on is the bigger storm out to the best. wind advisories from chicago to indianapolis. expect a breezy day, but it's a south wind and that will warm things up. we'll be at 74 and 75 before the day is done. endeavor is still making it's way through the streets of los angeles. it's hours behind schedule. it was supposed to arrive last night, but now it might not make it until 9:00 eastern at the earliest this morning. most people there though are most likely fine with the delay. in fact, yesterday, they lined the streets to see the shuttle up close. >> you're a shuttle groupie. >> yes, i am, and i told these
7:32 am
people they should come out. it's fun, it's good, this is history. >> you had your chance. once it does arrive. the shuttle exhibit will open to the public on october 30th. >> two navel ships are operating after colliding yesterday. both ships are based in norfolk. no one was hurt and they're still surveying the extent of the damage. they're still trying to figure out how the two ships collided. >> the great chesapeake bay sailor race. the coast guard says a say lor was knocked overboard, and later died from his injuries. and police are investigating a deadly shooting at a house
7:33 am
party. this happened in the 7,000 block of outing avenue in pasadena early sat morning. the gunman shot and killed matthew moro, a 20-year-old suffered minor injuries from this incident. the shooter then took off. police believe it was not random. >> a new hampshire man is behind bars as police search for the body of a missing college student. a 19-year-old went missing last week and investigators believe she is dead. police arrested a 29-year-old man last night and arrested him for murder. >> a fight at a youth football game in pittsburgh ends in gunfire. 6 and 7-year-olds were on the field. the crowd scrambled to recover, and people there say tha it was
7:34 am
a chaotic scene. >> i heard a lot of commotion, heard the noise, however, you know i didn't have no whad what the voice was, because i didn't think for any reason it was a gun. >>. it appears that the people wounded were innocent bystanders. it may have results from two groups of sustains the day before. >> a recall on peanuts linked to a salmonella outbreak. they found more contamination from the sun land processing. they are raw and roasted shell of all quantities. they wornlly qualitied peanut butter sold by trader joes. >> a minnesota woman is the first person to file a lawsuit
7:35 am
for getting meningitis from contaminated steroids. a 15th person has died. the company making notion steroids suspended all operations. >> if you have not yet registers to vote, time is running out. virginia voters have to register by tomorrow. it is well under way in the commonwealth. the deadline for myland and west virginia voters is tuesday, and the mail in was passed last week. voters can still register in person from this friday at any dc public library. the coalition that includes represents from christian, jewish, and muslims are
7:36 am
questioning donations for these adds. last week a judge allowed the posting of these ads siting freedom of speech. >> the redskins are back on the field today. they will take on the vikings at fedex field. robert griffin iii must pass game-day tests to play this week. he suffered a concussion last week. kickoff for today is at 4:30 and we'll have complete highlights tonight. zlchblt right now, 7:36, and how saturday night live poked fun at the vice presidential debate. >> dangerous baby products in store shelves and at your home. why the nats heartbreaker was especially disappointing for a 99-year-old man.
7:37 am
>> search news 4 today, we'll talk back to you.
7:38 am
7:39 am
7:40 am
a warning for parents this morning, 40% of all recalls last year for for children's products. so how many of these products are still for sale? liz crenshaw explains. >> bring home a new baby, and you bring hope a house full of new equipment, products parents people are safe to use. >> one of the most series challenges are products that may appear to give parents a false sense of security. cu says products are designed and sold and only after being used by children do some safety problems arise.
7:41 am
>> and when necessary, trying to get these dangerous products off the store shelves. >> the u.s. product safety commission is in charge of testing them and sometimes issuing a recall. >> for starters, drop side cribs, more than 11 million have been recalled. >> what happen social security a babe can get caught, feet first, at the head and neck area, and get strangles. >> be ware of soft bedding. nearly half of all crib deaths are from suffocation. and sleep positioners, they say don't use them, there has been
7:42 am
at least 12 beths. >> another worry, baby ling csl carriers. the baby can suffocate. >> how do you use them safely? >> whith the baby's face expose. >> you want to get the restraint strap and add it. a safer place is to always use it on the floor. >> baby bath seats. >> baby walkers have been drank rouse because of stairs, right?
7:43 am
>> stairs and falls. extremely dapg rouse. here we have a newer style that stops at the top of stairs. >> when you're setting up a house, it's overwhelming the number of pruoducts marketed to you. >> cute baby. to find out what consumers are complaining about, academic the website >> there are lots of ways to handle stress, but there are ways to manage it including
7:44 am
eating yogurt. other ways are giving other people massages, and kissing. >> at work,ly stick with yogurt. >> let's get a preview with jenna wolf. >> you will not here to partake in the study. >> that's because we have pink scripts. we didn't get that one. good morning, coming up on a sunday morning, just two days to good until the debate between president obama and mitt romney. we'll have a live report as they count down to tuesday. also ahead, the so-called client
7:45 am
list for a zumba dance instructor. tomorrow, the attorney for the alleged clients speaks out. we'll talk to betsy johnson about what it's like to start over at age 70. plus, we're going to introduce you to a british music prodigy that is only 7-year-old, she plays the piano and the violin, and she has been composing music since she was five. incredible story there. all of that and more when we get started on a sunday morning here on "today." >> well, i pretty much feel dump. >> what were you doing when you were 7 years old? >> i was playing the piano, but not that good. >> that's still pretty impret
7:46 am
impressive. >> no, i played at the talent show, and i grew up in south kor korea, you either played the violin or the piano, no choice. ♪
7:47 am
♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine the pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a qualifying pnc performance select checking account and earn 75% more than cards earning 1% cash back on almost everything.
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a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cost of nursing home care. we have a president who won't let that happen. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approved this message.
7:49 am
glad i didn't put away my sorts. >> yes, south beach comes north, no doubt about it, nice day today, 70s are returning. 70s are getting harder and hard tore find now that we're past the middle of october. >> if you had a convertible, this is a day to take it out. if you have an old car, take it out. unless you really, really need a nap. it's not a bad way to get your day going. winds have come back around to the south. you probably noticed that late yesterday afternoon into yesterday evening. yesterday evening, with the return of that southerly wind,
7:50 am
the temperatures never really fell off. so the sunday is off to a cam pair tvly middle start. winds out of the south averaging 7 miles per hour, and temperatures in the 40s and 50s, yesterday, it was in the 20s all up and down this shenandoah valley. it was 30 degrees yesterday in the morning. today we're at 46, and already starting to climb now that the sun is on it's way up. it's a sunday, the redskins are at home. temperatures mid-70s at kick off. outside today, no real serious threat for rain in and around. there is some rain near new york and new england. and rain showers across parts of
7:51 am
the midwest. severe today from cincinnati, and wednesday tennessee and connecticut. so if you're changing planes in chicago, a lot of big hubs out there, may be some big weather delays in some of those flights. if you're traveling down the eastern sea board, nice traveling weather. look at how much milder it is back to our north and west. this is the our mass coming our way. it's going to stay middle overnight tonight and into tomorrow. breezy and warmer today even with the increase in cloud cover. then for tomorrow, clouds, maybe a chance for showers on i- 81, and there will be an opportunity for a couple of thunderstorms
7:52 am
around here tomorrow afternoon. so today, increasing clouds, but breezy and noticeably milder. a great napping day for the hammock. and cloudy, breezy, mild, temperatures in the upper 50s in town. then tomorrow, cloudy, warm, back the um principle las and rain gear and be ready for a chance of a thunderstorm, but it should be out of here by tuesday first thing, and then dry for the upcoming week. and a similar storm is trying to take shame in the computer model. so we may be able to talk that rain chance out, so stay tuned. >> so 70s, huh? i missed the 70s. >> do you remember '70s?
7:53 am
>> i can't there. >> not at all? >> okay. today, hollywood is mourning the loss of gary collins. he was on hitting like "perry mason." love boat, and the iron horse. he is survived by his wife who is a former mrs. america winner an an acclaimed actress. collins died yesterday of natural causes. >> derek jeter will have to watch the rest of the playoffs from the bin much. to add to the misery, they lost 4-2. the tigers take a 1-0 league in the champion league series now. keeping with supports, virginia tech makes an incredible come
7:54 am
back and it's a border battle between virginia and maryland. >> carol maloney has all of the highlights. good sunday morning, i'm carol maloney. we begin with college football, a border battle, maryland visiting virginia. the terps get a big boost early in this one for a opening kick off return. maryland wins 27-20 to improve to 4-2. in blacksburg, virginia tech hosting duke after trailing 20-0, the hoakies score 41 unanswered points capped off by this touchdown by coleman. virginia tech wins 41-20. and today at fedex field, all
7:55 am
eyes on robert griffin iii. he is coming off a mild concussion suffered last week. he will have to be cleared one more time by doctors before getting the green light. he will keep his safety in mind. >> everyone knows i'm a tough guy. i kept that promise and i don't have anything to prove. it's about getting the yard and if you to live to play another down then you red to play another down. >> they cake off at 4:15 this afternoon. >> plenty of nationals fans upset about the team's shocking loss on friday night. but it hit one fan especially hard. meet this 99-year-old fan, he was there when the senators defeated the giants in the world
7:56 am
series, that was the last time they captured them. he hopes the team stays together for naek year's world series. >> years ago, like in '24 welcome the teams stayed with the city. they didn't move around like they do today. so you knew everybody's name, and i hope they keep that group we have now. >> looks good for 99, wow. he also showed us one of his most prized baseball possessions. a ball signed by babe ruth, ty cobb, and walter johnson. >> i love that he referenced 80 years ago like yesterday. >> another debate in the books which means plenty of material for saturday night live.
7:57 am
>> it made for of joe bidens reactions. >> first of all i want to thank the college for mosting us this evening. four years ago, president obama made a promise that he would bring down unemployment below 6%. he said that by the end of his first term, he could cut the deficit in half, and yet he still -- >> everybody is loving it here. weekend update also made fun of vice president bideen's energy levels at the debate. seth meyers said that paul ryan prepared by studying policy, and vice president biden drank a lot of red bull. >> i this that was all natural. >> that will wrap it up for
7:58 am
today, we'll be back in 25 minutes with another local news update.
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